Marassa 718 / by Petrouchka Moise

The Marassa are the sacred twins of Vodou. They represent abundance, blessings, the gift of children and the sacredness of family and the mysteries of conception. They also represent love, justice and the purity of children innocence. The Marassa are always invoked at the beginning of every Vodou ceremony, right after Legba, emphasizing their high importance in the religion. They are male and female, and both male an female. The Marassa are very different than the rest of the Loas, in their concept of one plus one equal three: One male and one female together equal three for their abilities.

I picked them to represent my growth. The first twin represents my conception as an artist but it took me living in 3 different places (Brooklyn , Miami, and Baton Rouge) before the actual birth of the artist could be realized 1+1 = 3.