Can you ever really know who you are unless you know the why's that made you? by Petrouchka Moise

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Collaborations with organizations and projects that are close to my heart and "raison d'être"

I created a new section to my website called the "Works" to keep me balanced. [Sidenote: still trying to figure out what made me wordplay the letter "W" in the first place]  Sometimes you can be too much in your own head, trying to make a piece come alive, that you forget that the art is a connector to show your soul and heart.  I wanted to show how art bridges me to the things I hold dear. I've done collaborations in the past but I would share my art and stay in the shadows, leaving the organization to do the promoting or build awareness.  I wasn't being lazy.  I just didn't want to come across as the "difficult artist" trying to micromanage the look or the story... but I have learned that if I am going to work with anything I love, I have to help I have to use my art to get the word out.

Forward Arts was my daughter's tribe, and I was inducted as Mama P by all my poet babies. I love that this was one of the many things that Kaiya shared with me and I can continue to feel her love through Word Crew. So I was honored to be part of the planning committee for this year's All-City Youth Poetry Slam.  My contributions were painting one of a kind invitations to the donor reception and creating a series of paintings depicting the theme "Defining Brilliance".  I used a new technique of acrylic pouring and opened my third eye to find the voices in the swirls.

It is important that your "give back" is relevant to journey.

How will you know that I was here? by Petrouchka Moise


If getting a tatoo wasn't such a cultural challenge for me, I often wonder what would I write and who am I writing for.  Am I a message to be seen and heard for the future or am I a reminder to be felt and cherished of a happier time.  I've found a new platform to play with - MeMantra Ciggies.  I needed to practice my sketching and when I worked on the sides of cigar boxes, I found myself drawing women's faces and using text and poetry to fill their hair and the contour of their skin. What is it that we all say that our mouths never speaks.  Each  sketch made me think of how many mantras, affirmations, and words did I try to dress into my style of being. At the end of the day it's not what I put on that makes you see me, it's what I put out...

Marassa 718 by Petrouchka Moise

The Marassa are the sacred twins of Vodou. They represent abundance, blessings, the gift of children and the sacredness of family and the mysteries of conception. They also represent love, justice and the purity of children innocence. The Marassa are always invoked at the beginning of every Vodou ceremony, right after Legba, emphasizing their high importance in the religion. They are male and female, and both male an female. The Marassa are very different than the rest of the Loas, in their concept of one plus one equal three: One male and one female together equal three for their abilities.

I picked them to represent my growth. The first twin represents my conception as an artist but it took me living in 3 different places (Brooklyn , Miami, and Baton Rouge) before the actual birth of the artist could be realized 1+1 = 3.

My solo first exhibition by Petrouchka Moise

I am so excited to be working with Cultural Crossroads and to be the featured artist for Black History Month at the State Archives. An entire showcase illustrating my journey... as an artist, a woman, a survivor, and now as a parent who has lost a child.  The only way for me to face my challenges is to be transparent with my pain and to bring forth the colors of a healing heart.

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Back in the studio by Petrouchka Moise

Glad to be back in my studio and get a chance to reorganize it to make space for my silk and wood work. Had to buy a few toys to make my space work. This week's focus was getting my gallery online ... And working on stenciling my own art work and learning to develop a steady hand outlining with resist. I added some color so I can see what I'm doing. Thank God for Ms. Eismann's 3rd grade handwriting class... That was my first time processing constructive criticism. If you don't take the time to improve yourself who will.

Living my truth by Petrouchka Moise

Thanks to Hutchinson Designs.  It took a minute but I finally created a logo that captures all sides of my passions. It is time to start true to who I am and live my truth as a CREATIVE.  I am excited to share with the world my conversations with  wood, canvas, and silk.  2016 has been my year to take the leap and soar!!! 

Vivre Studios Official Logo

Vivre Studios Official Logo